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science scaleTRIPLE BEAM BALANCE Model 750-S0 In classroom, lab or plant, this do-anything scale performs like a champion.  The model 750 is great for weighing Falcons .  Features three notched and tiered beams with center reading; sliding poise; zero adjust compensator; magnetic damping; equipped for specific gravity weighing - 1/2" hole in base for lab rod, provision for suspending sample below platform; and die cast aluminum boxed end beam.  A classic weighing instrument.

Accurate and rugged, the triple beam has a 610g. weighing capacity ( 2610g. with attachment weights ) and 0.1g. sensitivity.  Consistent readings to 0.1 g achieved by precision ground pivots and patented self-aligning agate bearings to ensure reproducibility.  This balance can virtually weigh anything.

Tare beam offers up to 225 gram taring capacityModel 760-00 offers all the characteristics of the Model 750-S0 with the added 707-00 attachment weights only $26.00feature of the undivided Tare Beam and Poise.  The Tare Beam and poise allows you to eliminate the containers or objects weight up to 225 grams, by sliding it to the approximate balance, then rotating in either direction for precise positioning.  Net weight of the contents of the container may then be read directly eliminating the need of any calculations and the undivided tare beam speeds the operation.  Like all the 700 Series triple beams the weighing capacity can be increased to 2610 grams by purchasing the optional 707-00 attachment weights .

Speed dial offered on Models 1610-00 & 1650-00The Model 1650-00 offers a stainless steel plate exactly the same as the Model 760-00 with the added convenience and speed of a direct reading dial calibrated 10 g x 0.1g.  Two graduated, notched beams with center indicating sliding poise; undivided tare beam with sliding poise; magnetic damping; zero adjust compensator and more.

Whether weighing solids, liquids, powders or even animals, one of the many models from the Ohaus Series 700/800 will be equipped to do the job.  Their use has become universal in science education and in all types of industrial applications. 

Ohaus Mechanical Family Balances

Precision Weighing Balances' Discount Price List

Ohaus Triple Beam Balances

Part #

Description Capacity x Readability Price
Our most popular model. Buy 12 units and pay only $79.95 750-S0 Triple Beam, g, SS plate 610g x 0.1g
  760-00 Triple Beam, g, SS plate, tare 610g x 0.1g
All the features of the Model 760-00 with added feature of a speed dial 1650-00 Dial-O-Gram  Balance, g, SS plate, tare 610g x 0.1g
Increase the weighing capacity of any of the 700 series triple beams 707-00 Metric Attachment Mass Set Increase capacity to 2610g x 0.1g
Maxi-Scoop with counterweight 704-00 Polypropylene Maxi-Scoop, 10" dia x 2.5" deep(with pouring spout) and counterweight Nice accessory for measuring liquids, granular and solids
Volume discounts always available  
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Buy 4 MyWeigh 3 beam balances and pay only $79 each Finally someone has brought to the marketplace a triple beam balance that is high quality and economically priced.  Priced lower than Ohaus and the My Weigh comes standard with the attachment weights. 2610g x 0.1g. Click here for details.

Legal for trade

Go digital .  We offer unheard of discounts on the A&D EK1200i . This unit offers 1200 grams capacity with 0.1 grams accuracy and 8 different weighing modes. 

How about MyWeigh i500 (500g x 0.1g), MyWeigh i1200 (1200g x 0.1g), MyWeigh i2600 (2600g x 0.1g), or MyWeigh i5500 (5500g x 0.1g)?  When you're on a limited budget MyWeigh is the #1 brand of digital scales we recommend for the educational marketplace.

MyWeigh 1200g x 0.1g

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